Wednesday, 5 December 2012


i had to wait ‘til
king’s cross
to tell you how even
these flat fields of middle england
sparkled with an early
morning excitement
in my rush south
to see you.
the soft blue sunday sky
edged with frost,
not quite awake.
thick smoke from the cooling towers
hanging upside down in the icy air.
we sped south, too fast to capture the
fleeting moments that took
my breath away.
flooded fields
glinting in the new light,
flocks of nameless birds
rising over rows
of skeletal poplars.
a perfect light, big skies,
pylons striding out across
frozen furrows,
swollen rivers and
huddles of bedraggled ponies.
the world slowly
waking up to
this new season
of bare beauty
and finally,
the warm
familiar welcome
of London
and you.

King's Place, for delicious warming Pumpkin soup
downtown shopping til we dropped
My amazing birthday treat
with champers no less
and after
and as I sped North again, my favourite London song was whizzing around in my head - play it agan Glenn . . .

 and Jess, a BIG thank you X X X

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