Tuesday, 6 November 2012

almost at sky's edge

Another brilliant Off the Shelf event back in October, with Sheffield Salon, discussing the housing crisis facing Britain and taking an evening walk through the listed Park Hill flats.

And after you've read more about Park Hill on this link you'd ought to try Richard Hawley's 'Standing on the Sky's Edge', because, after all, you're only a short step from the iconic Sky Edge itself.

However, try as I might, Richard Hawley's latest album is too new to find a Youtube video small enough to download here, so at the other extreme, here's one of my favourite tracks about houses ever!!
and on to the night in question . . .

 did you spot our steel drums in the sunset shots above?  Love the way they glisten.

And staying with the Sheffield theme -lovely clip here about when we saw Richard Hawley performing at Magna with the BBC Phil to finish off with

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