Monday, 16 April 2012

marvellous Miro

and the birthday didn't end there . . . . .

off to our most wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park, just 10 minutes drive up the M1, for the first UK exhibition of Miro's sculptures.  This only opened a few weeks ago but is on til January 2013 if you get the urge.  Not allowed to take pics in the indoor galleries, but here's a few of the larger works in the park.  I also took along my old Contax 139 to shoot a Black and White film.  Not used the camera for ages and it was really hard going back to a non-digital after getting so used to viewing the finished product instantly and deleting images as you go, to say nothing of 'thinking' in B&W.  If any of them work out I'll scan them in later for comparison.

Really playful sculptures and the exhibition about his life was fastinating - and it all started with a local childrens drawing class at the age of 7, totally un-encourgaged by his family!


Is this a horse?  The bottom bit v like a Shire horse collar, which we noticed at the time, but only just thought the whole looks like a horse on 4 legs

We did feel this poor "Personnage" looked in a bad way with leg in pot and arm in sling!

 and the grounds were looking magnificent after the rain . . .

and finally, evening toasts before our fabulous 'taster' menu at the Sheffield Kitchen

and this was our delicious dessert tray from the taster menu

what a totally brilliant day!!

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