Sunday, 1 January 2012

Crackers and flames at Christmas

So - what did we get up to, apart from eating THE cake, which was delic, and singing out hearts out at the amazing final sessions at the Black Bull and the Top Red . . .

we had Christmas elves galore . . .

musical moments:

sparkly conundrums (thank you Margaret and Steve - still not gotten to taste my amazing birthday champers!!):

'wouldn't roll' swiss rolls:

speechless moments: 

flaming moments - when we nearly lost the turkey, the kitchen and Mike, in that order - and here are the charred remains of the hastily chucked out flaming t-towels to prove it!  See below:

retrospective moments, when we wished we'd taken photos of the flames in action - but it was all hands on deck as panic reigned for a long few minutes!!!!

but, excitement over, we got to sit down sedately and enjoy the turk

followed by frenzied gamblin' - San Francisco style Liar's Dice (thanks Chuck) and I have to say, I was pretty good at this . . .  What does that say about me!!!!

the great cutting moment:

mysterious mummies . . .

and fabulous friends


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  1. and those two drinks are not both mine in the last picture!!!