Monday, 27 June 2011

Kent Architecture new and old

We were lucky on our travels in Kent to be able to visit the newish Turner Gallery in Margate.  Had intended to cycle along the coast from Whitstable, but the good old British rain intervened and instead we 'car'ed it, visiting Canterbury cathedral while the rain persisted, then over to Margate for the Friday night late opening and 'enough blue for a sailor's shirt' in the sky at the close of the day.

So, Canterbury first:

Above and below in the crypt

and thence to Margate:
First surprise of the visit to Margate was this discovery that the Grand Old Duke and his 10,000 men were real:

This is the Turner Gallery website and these are some of our photos below.  The positon of the gallery right on the edge of the beach is amazing.  With huge floor to ceiling windows on the seaward side.  I seem to remember that it has been built on the site that Turner once lived or lodged.  Architect is David Chipperfield, same as the new Hepworth in Wakefield.

from side facing the sea

David Chipperfield's sketch
and later on our tour, in Deal,  having a certain attachment to piers, we strolled along the rather brutalist concrete pier (by Sir William Halcrow & Partners, 1957) to find a charming contemporary cafe recently built right on the end, where we enjoyed a late evening steak surrounded by sea and sunsets.

More info about Niall McLaughlin's cafe on Deal Pier (2008)

our B&B just along to the right
by Architect Niall McLaughlin
waiting for dinner at the end of the pier
just in time to catch the setting sun on the way back

and lets not forget the wonderful art deco style Deal shelters along the prom . . .

Oh it was nice to be beside the seaside . . .

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