Monday, 24 October 2011

Bradfield on a Sunny Saturday

And to think we only had to drive from our door, over Jawbone Hill and down to Oughtibridge, then up over the moors along Kirk Edge Road - spectacular views across the hills and down into Bradfield - no more than 15 minutes from home and still in the City of Sheffield - and what amazing weather for a late October day ....

memories of that once in a lifetime catch way back in the early 90s .....

and on up to High Bradfield, after a cuppa in the lovely Post Office cafe then a walk along Towngate:

one of very few remaining in the country - where family stayed to guard new burials from graverobbers!

. . . leading to the amazing St Nicholas Church - high on the hill with it's incredible graveyard - apologies for the 'grand canyon' quantity of grave pics but the en'grave'ing was just incredible ....

on a bench facing the view in previous photo

the perfect man

eat your heart out Tommy Steele!

and finally a saunter up the hill to the home of Farmers' Blonde - the Bradfield Brewery



  1. Oh no Gill - somehow your blog fell off my reader and I have missed the last few posts!!

    This looks beautiful - and such a sunny day! I love the type on the graves.

  2. Beautiful pictures! This year, I visited Bradfield for the first time myself, and wrote three posts about it:
    What you say here in your first paragraph is just what my auntie Jean and uncle Brian said, that it is so incredibly quick and easy to get there and yet it does not feel at all as if you were still actually within City boundaries.
    By the way, I have come across your blog through "Yorkshire Bloggers".