Friday, 6 July 2012

up up and away with an Oyster card

On Saturday we managed to travel on the just opened Airline cable car across the Thames with just the easiest of Oyster card swipes - amazing!

You're going to have to play this clip while you read - because I don't think I've ever actually managed 'trains and boats and planes' within the space of an hour before!

Proof - well the DLR to West Silvertown, cable car to the O2 then TFL river bus back up the Thames to Embankment.  Amazing day and all with that little piece of plastic and so cheap.

Here are the pics

surprise Sheffield reunion with Simon and Freya
Olympic Village to the left


you can climb on top now !
by our Anthony

Yes - the Royal Barge !
Cutty Sark
The Shard - just finished

Jubilee leftovers

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